About Logic

For over 20 years, Logic Healthcare has proudly serviced hospitals and clinics with furniture designed specifically for patients and caregivers. Our complete line of patient room, waiting area, and café seating is engineered for high-use, maximum comfort and functionality. 
Our collection of upholstered seating is engineered to provide safety and comfort to patients through ergonomic design while offering integrated technologies to stay in touch with loved ones. Designed with safety in mind, our products are built for mobility and cleanability.  Logic products offer innovative features to help in the battle against infection control, including a unique coating process which reduces entry points and risk of HAIs.  

Logic’s underlying strength lies in the origin with its parent company, Wieland Designs. Since 1976, Wieland Designs has been a leading design and manufacturing partner for world-class brands you encounter daily. We work in the background to design, engineer and build beautiful residential, hospitality, healthcare, contract, automotive and airline OEM products and sub-assemblies. Logic brings this expertise direct to the end-user. Logic Healthcare is proudly made in Goshen, Indiana. 


Logic Furniture knows that to achieve success of any kind, we must invest in our most important asset: our associates. Ours is a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. Our employees are proud of what they do and passionate about doing it well. 



We don't just strive to serve our customers, we strive to contribute to all of society in a positive and caring way through every opportunity available to us. We envision making a difference in the world and pledge to leverage our knowledge in order to create better lives for all the people we touch.