Lift Rise n Shine Chair

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Refresh Lift "Rise n Shine" chair features an exclusive new powered lifting mechanism that lifts the entire chair up from its base vertically and assists the user to a standing position. The Rise n Shine Chair reclines to a position with an ottoman and also to a full lay flat sleeper position.

Unlike conventional Lift Chairs, the Refresh Lift Assist recliner does not tilt forward at the pinnacle of Lift and instead - simply raises the resident into a standing position whilst maintaining a level plane horizontal to the floor thus, enabling full arm support of the resident until they gain their stability to stand up and step forward.

This provides for a safer environment for both the user or resident and any attending support person such as a Nursing Assistant, Aide, or family member.

Fully assembled:

Please note that due to the healthcare nature of this item, it is non-returnable and the manufacturer's warranty applies.

• Back folds down, seat raises to a chaise lounge chair with ottoman position
• Fully assembled

Dimensions and Weight:
• Weight:  210 lbs.